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The Mill

A garden setting, a stately manor…

History spanning 4 generations

Excellence and passion

There used to be two mills on the river that ringed the garden. Known as ‘l’y deux molins’ [the two mills] in the local dialect, the site was gradually named the “Moulin hideux.”

In 1945, only one mill was left that was no longer used as such. But the setting is stunning…

The excellence and passion of 4 generations in an exceptional place.

The atmosphere here is magical. It charmed Raymond Henrion in 1945, who bought the mill and turned it into an inn.

Charles Lahire, his young cousin, and a scion of a family of hoteliers from La Roche, joined him a few years later. Together, and with the help of their respective wives, they built up the prestige of the establishment.

Relais & Chateaux, starred in the Michelin Guide since 1960.

In 1960, the Moulin Hideux joined the chain of Relais de Campagne (former name of Relais & Châteaux), becoming the first establishment outside France to be part of this prestigious alliance.

On that date also, the restaurant of the Moulin Hideux was awarded a star in the Michelin guide which it has retained down to the present day.

In 1967, Charles Lahire married Martine, whose family owns the R&C Château de Fère-en-Taredenois in Champagne. Together they took over the reins of the Moulin Hideux. They have three children: Sophie, Catherine and Julien.

A young chef at the Mill.

Julien, Chef at the Mill since 2008, today runs the establishment.

The 4th generation took over the helm and charm still sets the tone at the Moulin Hideux.

Your host

Julien Lahire is at the helm of the Moulin Hideux. Inspired by the beauty of the premises, and keen on perfection, he has brought his personality to the traditions of the establishment.

He will welcome you with elegance, intent on having you enjoy a pampered stay in his world.


Spirit of luxury and sustainable development

At the Moulin Hideux, luxury and sustainable development complement and support each other.

Without compromising the quality of comfort for its guests at any time, our hotel has gradually introduced an ecological dimension in its entire organisation. From the heating system, to the layout of the garden, the decorative elements, and the kitchen, we use ecological products stemming from the region.

This requires several steps and meetings with local craftsmen and producers. It takes a constant effort, but the project is enthralling and the results obtained astounding.

Spirit of luxury and sustainable development

The traditional fuel-oil fired heating system was replaced in 2012 by woodchip-fired boilers – a real revolution for the Moulin Hideux.

Reforestation of our estate

We have reforested the bottom of the valley and the banks of brooks. Lobed-leaved trees have replaced resiniferous trees. Well spaced, they have allowed the undergrowth to flourish thereby enhancing the biodiversity of the estate.

In the garden

The beehive and birdhouses are the natural allies of the luxuriant kitchen garden. Today, the Moulin Hideux continues its efforts and wants to give an example on the matter.